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Coal Basic Knowledge

Koylamandi.in is a venture backed by more than 40 years of experience in the Indian coal industry. It is a unit of Jain Agrawal Coal Commission Agent based in heartland of one of largest coal mandi in India – Chandasi (near Mugalsarai). Under the vision and guidance of its proprietor Shri Ajay Aggarwal ji, Jain Agrawal Coal Co has been supplying coal and is a pioneer in trading high quality coal since 1977.

Coal prices as we know fluctuate on a daily basis and vary from region to region. There are also no sources where authentic prices are published. Hence, for many years coal industry has faced lack of transparency in pricing. Several intermediaries in the coal supply chain have been taking advantage of this situation and misguiding the coal buyers. Small scale buyers with no negotiating power over the pricing hence get marginalized and are left with little options but to buy coal at the inflated prices dictated by their agents.

At koylamandi.in we are committed to break this age-old practice and give more power in the hands of the coal buyers. This website aims to provide precise and true information needed for the day to day trading of coal at various points of sales. We endeavour to provide real-time info on coal rates and freights.

With us, not only the traders but also the direct consumers of coal (such as: brick kiln, glass manufacturers, factories, etc.) can benefit from the direct communication and easy access to information. You will be able to get the correct information at the correct time to combat the fierce competition.

At Koylamandi.in, we believe information is Gold and customers are the King. With us you will get the MEGA benefit of comparing the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly coal prices. With the precise information on prices directly from the points of purchase, all our business partners can benefit from coal bidding calculations which will now be at your fingertips.

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